Our Commitment

Everything that bears our name comes with our commitment to create products responsibly with a focus on caring for our planet.

RavenQuest’s mission is to generate socially responsible and sustainable techniques for growing cannabis in Canada.  We respectfully offer our unique products to those who share our vision for a more environmentally sustainable future.

Cannabis patients and enthusiasts have a rich history of environmental stewardship.  From our very genesis, RavenQuest’s commitment has always been grounded in marrying our science-based cultivation approach with sustainable outcomes and a lower environmental footprint.



Sustainable Packaging

As awareness surrounding single-use-plastics grows, we join our customers and patients in our desire to make responsible purchasing decisions we can all feel good about.  That’s why our cannabis comes packaged in bio-degradable pouches



Everything about RavenQuest’s grow methodologies have their foundation in using less of the earth’s precious resources.  A typical 60,000 square foot cannabis greenhouse uses more than 40,000 litres of water every day, much of which drips down a waste drain.  We have found a better, more sustainable path.  RavenQuest has developed a grow technique that re-captures water, re-conditions it for optimal plant health and re-uses every drop of water not consumed by plants.  Our zero-water-waste facility is a recognition that cannabis production can – and should – be done with respect for our natural resources


Carbon Footprint

We have found a way to use far less lighting to grow the high-quality cannabis that consumers and patients deserve.  Our grow methods use 65% less power than traditional grow techniques.  This is a meaningful and positive innovation reducing our overall carbon footprint when compared to our competitors.