June 26, 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE…Vancouver, British Columbia:  RavenQuest BioMed Inc. (the “Company” or “RavenQuest”) – (CSE: RQB  OTCQB: RVVQF  Frankfurt: 1IT)is pleased to provide the following full update on all aspects of the Company’s production, distribution and expansion plans for 2019 and beyond.

RavenQuest is gearing up for rapid growth in Canada as well as in Europe. Canadian production will accelerate to full capacity by summer 2019 and our European expansion is swiftly taking shape.  We anticipate profitable operations in the near term, driven by our focused approach outlined herein.

 Canadian Production

Both of our two ultra-modern grow facilities are built and producing cannabis now.  RavenQuest boasts a full license to sell cannabis and two completed and licensed cannabis facilities located in Markham, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta.

With an eye on prudence, Edmonton production began cautiously to ensure the success of our disruptive Orbital Garden technology. The extensive science behind Orbital Gardening results in a unique cannabis plant, one which expresses as a much more efficient plant with very little wasted leaf (fan leaf) and instead produces almost entirely large buds (image shown below).  We are very excited with the results, and as we near completion of the first harvest, we are now comfortable with our processes and are in the midst of rapidly ramping production.  The shorter 8-week grow cycle of the Orbital Gardens (compared to 12-14 week cycles for flat table growing) further adds to annual yield.  We expect the Edmonton facility to reach full capacity by this summer (2019), placing RavenQuest’s Canadian production run-rate at about 11,000 kg per annum.