Innovative R&D

RavenQuest BioMed recently announced a landmark research partnership with McGill University

  • The work will be conducted through collaboration between two McGill laboratories
  • Dr. Donald Smith – patented technologies for improvement of crop yields

Cultivar Recognition

  • There is limited research pertaining to the genetic identification and cultivar recognition of various Cannabis expressions due to long-term classification as a controlled substance
  • As the medical and adult recreational markets evolve, new scientific knowledge needs to be developed
  • Clinicians need to be able to identify specific cultivars and predict cannabinoid concentrations to ensure efficacy of clinical trials

McGill: Yield Enhancement

  • McGill’s doctor Donald Smith is a leading researcher and holds patented technologies related to enhanced plant yield
  • Maximized yield-per-square-foot means better efficiency, smaller environmental footprint and lower production costs per kg
  • As the Industry matures, RavenQuest BioMed anticipates a superior yield, cost and production profile, a key competitive advantage

Plant Stabilization

  • Cannabis does not currently reproduce cultivars reliably and consistently
  • New grow cycles of specific cultivars typically do not express with predictable levels of oils, THC, CBD and other cannabinoids
  • Plant Stabilization is key for • Scientifically repeatable / predictable results
  • Efficacy of clinical trials
  • More reliable patient outcomes
  • Plant stabilization means a more predictable crop for RavenQuest BioMed and a better outcome for investors